SEP sesam Hybrid Backup for Entire IT Infrastructure

Lots of application supported.


With the arrival of SEP sesam, a perfect backup and data recovery tool that supports a range of operating systems, applications, and storage technologies, you can now rest assured with all your backup and recovery requirements.


Whether a small organization or a big enterprise, SEP sesam is a one-stop solution for every IT environment equipped with a cohesive data protection strategy. The strategy capsules the vital elements like efficient storage, high speed, and flexible recovery.

Salient Features of SEP sesam

  • Multi-streaming technology
    The speed of backup is accelerated with the support of multi-streaming technology. SEP Sesam is an extremely fast and easy to implement data backup tool, which facilitates multiple server backups simultaneously and offers all this at a speed that clearly beats any other products in the domain available in the market today.
  • Deduplication Feature
    SEP sesam offers block-level deduplication and replication solutions that provide efficient storage capabilities, thereby radically reducing the network loads. The result is reduced power consumption, easy backup, and quick restore. Since there is no duplication of data, it also effectively reduces the requirement for storage space.
  • User Optimized
    SEP Sesam comes across as a perfect solution for multi-site management with its central management interface. It helps in intuitive analytical data representation and reporting. The reporting is perfectly useful for risk management and other standard operations.
  • Hot Backup
    The solution is powered by a feature called Hot Backup that easily takes dynamic and online backups. Sep sesam extends the most extensive portfolio of hot backup modules for applications, groupware solutions and databases delivered for a variety of operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft environments (Windows, Exchange Server, SQL Server, etc.) Novell environments, and more. It reduces the downtime needs for database backup, especially for multi-user systems.
  • Best in Class Support as recognized by Gartner.


As a certified solution, SEP Sesam has been developed keeping in mind the important aspect of strict security blended with high efficiency. Hence, if you are looking for a backup and restore solution for your IT environment that offers a perfect blend of safety, reliability, efficiency, and speed, SEP sesam is one of the best solutions in the market today.

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