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Custom Application

At 360 Skills, we offer the most aptly designed and tailored-made web applications to perfectly meet and satisfy your business needs and requirements. We excel in custom IT application development to provide you with perfect web solutions that will help raise your performance and boost your overall business productivity. Our expert staff carries with them years of industry experience in custom application development and custom application integration, and are well-equipped to tackle any and all obstacles with ease while giving your business exactly what it wants. Whether your requirements are basic or critical, we have the necessary experience as well as the resources to manage each and every need of yours.

Your Needs + Our Skills = Perfect Web Solution + Increased Performance

We create Web Application that are tailored according to your business requirements and keeping in mind what is best your business.

We offer you a range of services including building a customized web application, migration of legacy Application and improving front end functions apart from many more which are efficient and available with cost-effectiveness.

  • Services Offered

    Services offered:

    • Cloud Development- When you use cloud, your horizons are widened with increased scope including resources, networking and storage. We help you build complex solutions for cloud.
    • Mobile-Friendly Website Development- The popularity of mobile devices makes it essential to have a web design which is mobile-friendly. Our expert panel will ensure that your website is eye catching and easy to use on mobile platform.
    • Start-up Software- We are your best option for start-ups considering our experience in the field. Our minimum risk approach helps you reduce market-time and budget at the same time providing you with a secure protection of your valuable information
    • Custom Development- We not only customize software, we also build solutions for your problems. We have a long success-record and have gained trust of the world’s biggest companies.
    • UX Design & Prototyping- User experience decides the fate of your project. Our design and prototype experts ensure that the resulting product is very useful on various gadgets and platforms.
    • Enterprise Application Integration- Integration of diverse software systems is challenging. Use our services to improvise information access, assist business process and simplify system maintenance.

  • Why 360Skills?

    Why choose us?

    • Industry Expert- Being quipped with such qualified staff and years of experience we are the best you can find in the industry.
    • Experienced staff- We have employed the most efficient staff who have plenty of experience in the field.
    • Certified Staff- Our staff members are all certified from Microsoft Corporation and other respective fields / organizations.
    • Microsoft Partner– We have a partnership with Microsoft which ensures quality products only.
    • Approach- Our methodology enables us to swiftly build applications, efficiently handle requirements and improve overall quality of product.
    • Quality – We put our products through a rigorous testing and QA to ensure superior quality of product.
    • Best minds in the industry – We take great pleasure in letting you know about our talent collection of the best professionals who continuously focus on educating themselves and getting certified.
    • IPR protection- We are very serious about ‘intellectual property rights’. You will have the sole ownership of the project codebase upon completion of the project.
    • Rock-solid guarantee- We include a guarantee clause in every contract to make sure that completion of the project occurs in the stipulated time and budget. We also have a ‘180-day warranty period’ to modify any defects after project completion.
    • Easy to use- Our experts will make sure your app is up front, intuitive as well as easy to traverse through.
    • Cost effective– Our services are very cost effective and can save you a lot of finances.

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