PMP – Project Management Professional Training

Recognized as the Gold Standard for project managers across the world, Project Management Training (PMP) Certification is one of the most highly demanded credentials in the project management domain. Our PMP Training and Certification Course at 360skills has been specifically sculpted to enable you get a good hold of all the knowledge areas, processes, best practices, and the project management tools and techniques as outlined in the latest Guide to PMBOK. Intended to provide the participants with deep-rooted learning, this PMP training course will also prepare you to pass the PMP Exam on your very first try to help you advance your career with the emblem of success i.e. PMI’s PMP Certification.

  • PMP Training


    • A well-planned and integrated approach to managing projects
    • Factors Influencing and aiding project implementation
    • Project management framework as per latest PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition
    • 5 project management Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas covering 49 Processes
    • Project management tools and techniques
    • Key Project Constraints
    • Emerging New Project Management Trends
    • Tips and strategies to crack the PMP certification exam

  • Eligibility


    The eligibility for PMP certification depends on the educational qualifications of the applicants, and hence basically fall into two groups:

    Applicants with a Degree or a Global Equivalent:

    • Min. 3 years project management experience with at least 4,500 hours spent in leading and directing projects
    • 35 hours of project management education

    Applicants with a High School Diploma, Associate’s Degree, or a Global Equivalent

    • Min. 5 years project management experience with at least 7,500 hours spent in leading and directing projects
    • 35 hours of project management education

  • Certificaiton


    The Project Management Professional certification, popularly known as the PMP certification, is indeed the most revered credential in the arena of project management. The credential has got global value and applicability across all the industrial sectors, be it construction, pharmacy, IT, healthcare, or any other. Accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA, PMP is an examination-based certification, grounded on The Guide to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK).

    The Guide to PMBOK outlines five process groups, ten knowledge areas, and the tools and techniques that can help a project manager to efficiently plan and phase out the entire project in such a manner that boosts its chances of turning successful. To earn the prestigious PMP certification, aspirants have to clear a multiple-choice exam, successful attainment of which awards the person with the prestigious PMP certificate. The certification once earned has a 3 year validity period, post which it calls for a renewal.

  • Why PMP?


    • International Recognition: PMP certification helps you gain recognition and acceptance in the global project management world.
    • Higher Salary Package: Salary surveys conducted on project professionals from all across the world have reported that professionals holding the PMI’s PMP certification earn as high as 20% in comparison to the uncertified project professionals.
    • Enhanced Domain Knowledge: PMP, being one the most esteemed credentials in the project management domain, indicate that the person holding the same is highly knowledgeable of the field and is well aware of the principles, terminology, concepts, and the best practices for managing projects as defined by the PMBOK Guide.
    • Better Job Opportunities: Upon attaining the PMP certification, you qualify yourself for a lot of job opportunities from national as well as international employers.
    • Demonstrates Dedication and Commitment: Holding the prestigious PMP certification reveals to the world your dedication and commitment towards the project management domain.
    • Recognition as a Skilled, Competent Leader: Owing to the rigorous preparation that leads to earning the PMP certification, a professional certified in PMP can be better relied upon for his/her skills for not only efficiently managing the team but also for timely calculating the project risks and accepting to the industry challenges head-on.

  • Deliverables

    • 35 PDUs
    • Reference Book
    • Slides Handout
    • Crib Sheets for Quick Reference
    • ITTO Charts
    • Practice tests
    • Exam BluePrint
    • Reference Links
    • 1 year 360Skills email Support
    • Course Completion Certification from 360Skills







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Project Management Professional Certification Training

Training Date : 17 - 26 June 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions –

What is PMBOK?

PMBOK is the abbreviation for the Project Management Body of Knowledge. It is a guide compiled by PMI, USA that offers detailed knowledge on project processes, best practices, terminology, and instructions that are accepted as a standard in the project management domain.

How will I benefit upon taking up this training program?

PMP certification is one of the most prestigious credentials that is considered as a gold standard in the project management domain and a benchmark for project management professionals. Attaining this certificate demonstrates your augmented skillset and domain knowledge. This PMP training program will not only help you gain a detailed know-how on the project management best practices, terminology, principles, and processes as outlined in the PMBOK guide but will also prepare you to crack the PMP exam at the very first shot.

How are the terms PMP and PMI connected?

PMP, which stands for ‘Project Management Professional’ is the highest standard certification in the project management domain, while PMI (Project Management Institute) is the administering body located in the United States that offers PMP and many other esteemed project management credentials.

Is PMP Certification beneficial for the project staff in IT sector only?

No! The benefits of PMP are not restricted to any particular domain. It is very well applicable to all the different sectors and industries.

Is there any validity period for PMP certification?

Yes, once earned, your PMP certification will remain valid for a period of three (3) years and will require renewal thereafter.