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If you are looking forward to an intelligent solution that can effectively manage all your projects, programs, and portfolios and can serve to raise your ROI, then the Microsoft Project Server Support and Services offered by us at 360 Skills are exactly what you need. Whether it is about Microsoft Project Server Implementation, integration, administration, migration, support, or Microsoft project portfolio management tool training, we, at 360 Skills follow a proven methodology and a results-driven approach to assist, support, and serve to you at every single step. To let you benefit the most from the capabilities of Microsoft project portfolio management tool, we have employed a dedicated team of Microsoft certified experts who ensure that every little requirement of yours is taken well care of, with extreme detailing to attention.

Projects + Programs + Portfolio + Centralized + Managed + Collaboration + Success = Microsoft Project Server

Microsoft Project Server Capabilities

Microsoft Project Server Features

Integrated Portfolio Management and Analytics​

Microsoft Project Server helps corporations assemble individual project, program, portfolios together and prioritize the projects which are to be executed based on various factors which best aligns with Organization Business Strategy and with maximum ROI.

Business Intelligence and Reporting​

Microsoft Project Server Solves Organization problem by providing options of Dashboards, Data Visualization and Tabular Drill down Reports to different stakeholders and meeting, exceeding their BI requirement and enabling them analyze, drill down and make business decisions directly looking at a centralized tool.

Schedule Management

Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management helps in building and managing schedule of Project, Program and Portfolios. It helps Organization effectively manage and control Schedule by distributing the Project Schedule Information to various stakeholders as per their communication needs.

Issue and Risk Management

Managing Issues and Risks are important factors to Project Success. Microsoft Project Server helps in documenting, Identification, analyzing the Issues and Risks thus helping to create preventive and mitigation strategies.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is key to project Success. Microsoft Enterprise Project Management tool uses features provided by Microsoft SharePoint to enhance Team Communication and make project related information readily available to Team Members.

Demand Management​

Microsoft Project Server additionally with the help of features built over Microsoft SharePoint helps organization quickly built governance control throughout the Project life cycle. Microsoft PPM also allows streamline data collection, apply logical control with the help of Project Details Pages, Project Types and Workflows.

Resource Management

Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management tool provides Proper Management and optimal use of resources. It Provides an overview of resources available, allocated work and information on projects thus, managing the individual abilities and skills required in an organization. Productively initial planning and resource allocation to projects can be planned depending on availability of resources, skills and budget.

Financial Management

Microsoft Project Server allows reinforce the financial management processes to improve cost, benefit estimation and effectively tracking cost performance to ensure that each project is executed within budget by allowing financial visibility and insights.

Time Reporting

Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management allows both Tasks update and Administrative time updates. These time reporting system can be useful in payroll and project invoicing.

Services Offered

Deployment/ Implementation

360 Skills are experts known for their proven methodology whom you can trust for your Microsoft PPM development


Every Organization requirement is unique, at 360 Skills, we provide extension to the Out of Box features to suit the business needs.


360 Skills have been helping its clients to migrate the PPM to Latest Server Version available in market.​


360 Skills are experts in Integration Microsoft Project Server with other Line of Business Solutions. Thus, enabling communication between systems and increase in system performance.


The capabilities of Microsoft Project Server are extended by adding custom logic through coding to meet business requirement.


360 Skills provides Support assistance through various support model to its customers.


We also offer complete training on Microsoft Project Server Catering requirement of Business Owners, CEO, Senior Managers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Team Members, System Administrators, System Customizers, and System Developers and provide Role based Training.

Why 360Skills?

Experienced Staff

Backed up with many years of experience in this field, our staff has excellent knowledge regarding capabilities and use cases of the project server.

Microsoft Partner

we are closely tied up with Microsoft and offer you only best Quality Solutions.

Industry Expert

We have the combination of specialized staff and Project experience making us the expert in the industry.

Certified People

Each and every member of our staff is certified by Microsoft and is the expert that you require to prosper your business.

Project Management Background

We have experienced staff who are experienced and have Project Management background hence can help you out with the details.

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