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Enterprise Incident Management

We, at 360 Skills, offer ITIL based customized solutions, services, and support for Enterprise Incident Management. As a leading IT service management and asset management firm, we have integrated a proactive incident management system that covers services like Identification of an incident, registration in an incident logging system or the incident management ticketing system, categorization, prioritization, diagnosis, escalation, investigation, resolution, and recovery. This is followed by closure of the incident in the incident management system software. The service list covers all aspects of incident management support starting right from detection of an incident to updating the end-status of the incident. The procedure also involves containment, eradication, and recovery and then managing the post incident activities. What you can thus expect with 360 Skills is an all-round solution for all your incident management requirements.

We provide customized solution for Incident Management as per ITIL and cover:

Identification – detect or reported the incident

Registration – the incident is registered in an Incident Management System/Ticketing Tool

Categorization – the incident is categorized by priority, SOP, SLA etc.

Prioritization – the incident is prioritized for better utilization of the resources and the Support Staff time

Diagnosis – reveal the full symptom of the incident

Escalation – should the Support Staff need support from other Teams

Investigation and diagnosis – if no existing solution from the past could be found the incident is investigated and root cause found

Resolution and recovery – once the solution is found the incident is resolved

Incident closure – the registry entry of the incident in the Incident Management tool is closed by providing the end-status of the incident

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Enterprise Incident Management Solution

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