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Business Productivity


Diverse system can become bottled neck to performance and reporting. 360 Skills offers integration of diverse systems by combining various technologies, services and applications and provising solution which act like a middleman to allow Integration of disparate software and applications through an enterprise.

360 Skills can help you integrate systems which have difficulty in communicating with one another so as to share information and increase productivity, efficiency and most important business growth.

Isolated System + Our Skills = Integrated System + Increased Performance

Serviced Offered

  • Payment gateway Integration- We have tied up our services to various online payment gateways which allow easy transfer of funds which is safe and reliable at the same time.
  • Social Network API Integration- we integrate your application with social media sites which can increase your popularity and business leads inflow.
  • Dynamics CRM Integration Services- We help you integrate dynamics 365 with your Line of business applications.
  • Project Server Integration Services– we offer integration of you Microsoft Project and Portfolio integration with you Line of Business Applications or custom applications.
  • LOB (Line of Business) Services- Integrate all your Business Application together to Achieve better performance and reduce overhead.
  • SMS Integration- One and Two way SMS integration with your applications.
  • Phone verification Integration- Verification through a small 4-digit code which is sent by SMS.
  • Authentication Integration – Single Sign-on Integration to easily manage you login details

Why 360Skills?

  • Experienced staff- We have a team of specialists who are well educated and experienced in their field.
  • Certified Staff- Each and every member of our team is certified in their respective fields.
  • Microsoft Partner- We are in partnership with Microsoft and you can totally trust us for world class quality products.
  • Industry Expert- We offer best in line services for our clients and are truly the best you can find in the industry.
  • Minimum risk approach- We provide services with the Scrum methodology which enables us to quickly find complex applications, manage change in requirements as well as improve the product quality through a rigorous testing process.
  • Superior Integration quality- We put all the products through a strict regime of QA as well as testing so as to make sure that the project is successful and an amazing product is created.
  • Best-in-class talent- We proudly state that we have the best professionals who continue to educate themselves and get certified.
  • Rock-solid guarantees- Get all your projects guaranteed with our guarantee clauses which come along with each project thereby making sure that your project gets completed within the pre-decided time and budget. We also provide a 180 day warranty after completion of project to correct any defects.

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