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Customization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service

Training  >>  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training  >>  Customization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service

Customization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service course is 2 Day / 16 Hours Instructor led training course helping individual and teams who wants to learn and expand their skills to customize the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service module. You will learn detailed step-by-step instructions to create solutions, entity, fields, Entity relationship, customize forms, views, reports and dashboards.

Course DetailsContentCertificationDeliverables
Course ID
Course Name Customization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service
Course Duration 2 Days / 16 Hours
Exam ID MB2-716
Courseware Custom Courseware
Practice on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service Module
Language English
Mode Classroom, One-One, Online, Corporate
Course outline
Course Outline
 Lesson 00: Introduction to Out of the Box CRM Lesson 06: Customizing Forms
Lesson 01: Introduction to Customizing Dynamics 365 Lesson 07: Business Rules
Lesson 02: Introduction to Solutions Lesson 08: Views and Visualizations
Lesson 03: Entity and Field Customization Basics Lesson 09: Customizing for Interactive Service Hub
Lesson 04: Additional Field Customizations Lesson 10: Customization for Mobile
Lesson 05: Relationships

Exam ID Exam Name Course ID More Information Technology
MB2-715 Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement Online Deployment 81071 More Info Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
MB2-716 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration 81059, 81060 More Info Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
MB2-717 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales 81055, 81056, 81066 More Info Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
MB2-718 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service 81057,81058, 81063, 81064, 81065 More Info Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
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Learn and Practice with group of similar minded people in a real classroom environment. 

Current Locations : 

Gurgaon(India) , Dubai(UAE),

Singapore, Sydney (Australia)


Learn and Practice driectly with Trainer with 100% individual focus 


Delivered online over Internet

using GoToMeeting / Ms Team


Learn and Practice with your dedicated group on Content that is highly customized to fit your training need.


Any TimeZone

Any Place


Frequently Asked Questions –

Is there any Prerequisites for Training?

Basic knowledge about business processes, table relationship is required

What is Expected Audience Profile?

The audience includes but not limited to
– developers,
– implementation consultants,
– technical support personnel,
– and system administrators.
– Other Individuals responsible for assessing customer’s business needs and customise the application.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an amalgamation tool of Microsoft CRM and ERP cloud that supports businesses with its intelligence and streamlining features. Many businesses like finance, customer supply chains, and customer service use Dynamics 365.

How will learning Microsoft Dynamics 365 help me in my career?
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most used ERP and CRM tool available today! It has an extensive range of out of the box features that not only help raise business process productivity but also improve accuracy. A lot of organizations are nowadays looking for Dynamics 365 Experts to manage and customize their Dynamics 365 deployment on cloud as well as on Premise.

Will I receive any certification upon completion of the training program?
Yes, you will be provided with a Course Completion Certificate from 360 Skills which will help validate your augmented knowledge and skill set in optimally working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service Apps.


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