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Under our one on one training, we offer personalized one to one professional training to our clients providing them the freedom to individually express and communicate with our trainers for maximum absorption of the concepts learned. The expert personal IT trainers provide complete undivided attention to the learners ensuring in-depth understanding and unparalleled learning experience. The needs of the learners are kept in mind at all times starting from the preparation of the module till the execution and completion of the learning program. The 1 to 1 IT training system and individual training for IT professionals ensure that no learner is left behind alone in the hustle of a classroom teaching program. We believe that there can be no substitution for direct one to one human interaction. 360 Skills one-on-one training assures that every course and schedule is personalized for individual learning professional giving him chance to learn more in lesser time.
360 Skills offers hiring a personal training consultant who can understand individual requirement and offer the best in class of knowledge transfer to the learner. One-on-one training assures personalised course content along with the personalized schedule to the learner on new and emerging technologies making him step ahead of the competition.
Before beginning the programme, we try to understand the complete client’s requirements and then accordingly define the objectives, course content and schedule. We implement the plans in the most effective way possible so as to maximize benefits on the learner.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Project Server -PPM

360 Skills Microsoft Training - Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Office 365

Microsoft Azure




Learning Modes

One to One Training


Learn and Practice state of the art classroom environment.
Current Locations :
Gurgaon(India) , Dubai(UAE), Singapore

Online One to One Training

Live Online

Learn and Practice driectly with Trainer over the internet
Delivered online over Internet
using GoToMeeting / Ms Team


Blended / Mentoring

Mixed Learning with online Training /eLearning / Videos / Mentoring and Offline Assignments
Slow Pace Self Learning
Weekly 1-2 Hour Trainer Support

Training Investment

Price Starting

per Head 

Classroom ILT

Online ILT 

 Delivery Language


INR 10,000*

per Day

Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru

All Cities

English / Hindi

Rest of WORLD

$ 250*

per Day

Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, London, NewYork 

For More Locations Contact us.

Prices vary based upon Locations.



Why 360Skills?

Best Corporate Trainners

All the trainers at 360 Skills hold years of experience in training and mentoring corporate clients. When your train with 360 Skills, you can rest assured that you are being trained by the best of corporate trainers in the market.

Certified Trainers

Every single trainer working with us is a relevantly certified expert in the respective field. Their certifications indicate that they are proven masters in their very field of work and have got a good grip over the concepts.

Certification Exam Preparation

360 Skills lives up to its principal of maximum client satisfaction by not only providing the necessary skills though training but also helping you to prepare for certification examinations and cracking them in a single go.

Excellent Post Training Support

We take our responsibilities very seriously. We hence continue to provide dedicated Post Training support to our clients as and when needed. Our trainers form a special bond with all our trainees and this bond goes far beyond the completion of the training.

Multiple Training Modes to choose From

We understand that different people have different requirements and learning pace. We have hence made our training modules to be highly customizable and one can choose any of the various modules available according to their individual needs.

Course Content Tailored to Learner’s Need

Some people find something difficult that others might find easy. The course structure of training modules at 360 skills is very flexible and can be bent to fit to the requirements of the trainees.

Real-World Examples Based Workshops

Trainers use real world examples and use role play to explain difficult concepts for easy and effective understanding.

High Use of Technology in Teaching Aid

360 Skills uses the best-in-class technology for training. All latest technology is integrated into the training program to ensure smooth and efficient training sessions.

Training Completion Certificate

360 Skills is a well-known and reputed brand in the training and consulting industry. Upon competition of the training, you will receive a certification of course completion from 360 Skills which will add significant value to your resume.

World-Class Reference Material

The reference material provided at 360 Skills for the benefit of the trainees is best in industry and at par with the international standards.

Key Benefits

Personalized and Customized Training

We, at 360 Skills, respect your unique learning needs, and have hence designed customized training programs to provide you with a personalized learning experience that you desire and deserve.

Undivided Attention

Our One-on-One program has been specially designed for those who do not wish to get lost amidst big batches of learners. The one on one training ensures that you get adequate and focused attention from the trainer.

Your Pace, Your Control

The One on One training at 360 Skills provide you the flexibility to decide your own pace for learning. Whether it is the peaceful morning time that suits you or the quiet nights that stimulate the learner in you, with our self-paced learning materials you have the control in your own hands. You can access the course at your will anywhere-anytime.

Your Convenience

Convenience is the biggest aspect of our One on One program. You don’t have to compromise on any important personal or professional event to accommodate for the training sessions. We provide you the convenience to decide and scheduling the training as per your own availability.

Focused Training

360 Skills focuses on special needs of each and every trainee. Regular assessments and practice tests are conducted and stress is laid on strengthening the weak areas. Our experts ensure that no weak area is left behind by understanding your capabilities and weaknesses. They make sure that while polishing your strong areas, your weak areas are also equally worked upon.

Faster Learning

One on One training is the best way to speed up your learning process. You don’t have to match your pace with other learners, as what happens otherwise. With One on One program, it is just you. If you are good with certain concepts and understand them quickly, you can immediately move to next. No waiting for others to catch on.

Engaging and Hands-On

Training modules at 360 Skills are completely practical based and hence provide more hands-on learning experience.


You have the flexibility to choose what to study and when to study. You can plan your training schedule according to your convenience.

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